5.9 Total Score

Both universities are within a mile of the city centre and as a result students contribute heavily to a lively city centre. Shopping is well provided for and the nightlife is rich and varied. Lying within the boundaries of the Peak District, Sheffield is a very green city, with numerous trees and parks, in total 10% is covered in woodland (the highest percentage in the UK). The industrial north is surprisingly varied and Sheffield is a good example of that. The city is served by the Supertram and numerous bus routes which can save you from cycling up the more difficult inclines.

  • Night Life

    92976.jpgThe pubs, the clubs and the bars. The price of a pint and the variation of venue.

  • Cost of Living

    costofliving.jpgEverything from the cost of food to the cost of a pint, a taxi and even the price of petrol. It all adds up to provide a cost of living.

  • Accommodation

    housing.jpgThe quality of halls and private housing as well as the cost and the quality of student areas.

  • Student Jobs

    01032013-broganfrombrunny590-02.jpg The availability, the wages compared to the national average, the enjoyability and the variation available.

  • Transport

    transport.jpgThe ease of movement around the city including transport to and from the university campus if needed; this includes bus, train and taxi options.

  • Safety

    security.jpgThis is the student view on safety in this city. Based on their own experiences and comparative experiences throughout the UK.