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  • Pros: Merrick's passion for Victorian Literature is obvious from the very first class with him. He goes above and beyond to provide relevant recommended and secondary reading (often with annotations on what aspect he finds most interesting!) and a good mixture of seminar activities. He throws in the occasional ridiculous and fun activity (Tweeting as a Dracula character, Sherlockian crime-solving and creating Tinder profiles for characters from H. Rider Haggard's She are particularly memorable), which I think I will remember for the rest of my life, alongside high-level discussions of colonialism and theories surrounding gender. Don't be fooled by the incredible intellect and three-piece suits - he has a fantastic sense of humour and genuinely cares about his students, our opinions, and our ability to do well.
  • Cons: I don't think I can say a single bad thing about Merrick. He's an absolute delight and I've enjoyed every single class he's ever taught, even those on texts which aren't my favourites or which came with exceptionally challenging secondary reading.

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