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Why should I rate my lecturers?

This is the opportunity for you the students to help one another with some very simple team work. If everyone rates their lecturers there will then be a system in place that will help you pick and choose future modules (where there is the option). It will also hold lecturers to account, encouraging them to work harder on your behalf; making your money work as effectively as possible. It could be fun as well! After having your work assessed and marked by your lecturers it is time for you to return the favour…

How do I add a lecturer that is not already in your database?

If you click on ‘Add New’ on the university search page you can fill in a 20 second form. We will then double check their existence and add them to the database. Please do try and be accurate. Once added we will post on Facebook, please follow at

Will my ratings be anonymous?

Yes. As long as you choose a display name that doesn’t give you away! If you have made this mistake please contact us and provide us with a new display name. We will change it ASAP. (It is quite likely that we will change your display name automatically to 'Notmyrealname#', if it is far too obvious)

My university is missing an entire department/school/faculty of lecturers… What should I do?

Some universities have made it more difficult than others to access lecturer information. As such we have been unable to enter them into our database at this time. However, you can help here, either by sending us a list of the lecturers you would like entered or a link to their names on a website. If the entire university is missing, it might either be the case that their lecturer data is not available to us, or that we have not got around to uploading that particular university. If you would like us to enter your university into our database, drop us a line on the form to the left. We will get back to you ASAP. The more people that get in contact with us, the more likely that university will be added to the database.

Can I report what I believe to be an offensive comment?

If you click on 'report' below any comment we will review the rating and take what we feel to be the appropriate action. The comment may well be deleted but please bear in mind that we strongly support freedom of expression (within the rules).

Surely this could just turn into a public platform to abuse lecturers?

We are relying on that familiar and commendable British sense of fair play! We also believe this is the only way to give students a real say and we firmly believe it will result in better lecturers and a better education for everyone. The site will also allow prospective students to compare different universities on the teaching quality of their courses. (Since launching, ratings have been overwhelmingly positive and constructive.)

My course is missing, what should I do?

This shouldn't happen very often, but if it has, just drop us a line on the contact form to the left and we will add it within 24 hours.

I am not receiving a confirmation email, what should I do?

If that happens, please make sure you have checked your junk mail. If that fails trying another email address might be the quickest option. And if neither of those have worked, just drop us a line and we will look into it.