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The site that finally gives students a say. RYL is essentially a giant sounding board; so instead of hoping a friend knows how good a lecturer is you can visit this site and see reviews put up by other students whilst adding your own. This is the only way to improve teaching in the UK whilst holding your lecturers to account. Please do take a couple of minutes to add your thoughts and help out your fellow students!


Do the NUS really even care?

Students across the United Kingdom will know the NUS as that ubiquitous provider of budgetary advice pamphlets and discount cards. However, believe it or not, the Union actually…
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How to make sure you get your deposit back on your student house

Being in a student house manages to be both immensely fun and incredibly harrowing at the same time. On the one hand, you get to constantly hang out with your friends and people…
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How students can make themselves stop buying stuff they don’t need

One of the biggest issues that students face in their first and even second year of University is learning how to not buy stuff, especially if their previous situation allowed t…
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