8.3 Total Score

Once the capital of England, the ancient cathedral city of Winchester may not have kept up with London but with a population of around 40,000 it has retained its sense of majesty. Transport links are good, London is an hour away on the train and Southampton is only 20 minutes. The nightlife may not be as varied as some major cities but the pub/bar culture is lively and enjoyable, shopping is similar, with a large number of shops but not as much as choice as a bigger city. That said this is a beautiful, if small, city full of historical buildings, easy to walk around and with a rich history in education.

  • Night Life

    92976.jpgThe pubs, the clubs and the bars. The price of a pint and the variation of venue.

  • Cost of Living

    costofliving.jpgEverything from the cost of food to the cost of a pint, a taxi and even the price of petrol. It all adds up to provide a cost of living.

  • Accommodation

    housing.jpgThe quality of halls and private housing as well as the cost and the quality of student areas.

  • Student Jobs

    01032013-broganfrombrunny590-02.jpg The availability, the wages compared to the national average, the enjoyability and the variation available.

  • Transport

    transport.jpgThe ease of movement around the city including transport to and from the university campus if needed; this includes bus, train and taxi options.

  • Safety

    security.jpgThis is the student view on safety in this city. Based on their own experiences and comparative experiences throughout the UK.