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  • Pros: Sometimes comes up with insightful ideas to improve on scripts. You can have a bit of a laugh with him, too.
  • Cons: Former con-man, mercenary or mafioso, Colin is shaded in mystery.My theory is he forged his teaching documents and is running from some shady past. He claims to have written for national newspapers and for TV shows like Spiting Image but there's no record of him on IMDB or anywhere online. His inexperience seems to show with his teaching: he teaches scirptwriting in an outdated way, often contradicting the screenplay materials he asks us to read. He'll spend 3 hours of a 4 hour lecture rambling on about pointless theory with maybe a half hour of workshopping at the end after a long break. He's also a doddery old man who forgets things he's told you i.e. he will suggest an idea for your script then mark you down for the idea he suggested. I just hope the Bratva get to him before I blow my brains out during on of his lectures.

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