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  • Pros: Easily the most inspiring and engaging lecturer I've ever had. I was only taught by Sari in one second year Anthropology module but her widespread reputation as an outstanding lecturer meant that we always had students from other modules and even courses and departments auditing this module just to be able to experience her unique teaching style. In the increasingly bureaucratic higher education world Sari is a breath of fresh air with her engaging and mesmerizing teaching style. We all had the feeling that we were being taught by a truly brilliant mind and I feel so grateful to have had her as a lecturer! She always made time for her students and was so helpful and would be undoubtedly be an asset to wherever she works in the future - they would be lucky to have her!
  • Cons: Nothing at all - if you are wanting to be spoon fed boring and basic information Sari is not that kind of lecturer, but what kind of student wants that anyway?

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