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The site that finally gives students a say. RYL is essentially a giant sounding board; so instead of hoping a friend knows how good a lecturer is you can visit this site and see reviews put up by other students whilst adding your own. This is the only way to improve teaching in the UK whilst holding your lecturers to account. Please do take a couple of minutes to add your thoughts and help out your fellow students!


Why Settling Down During University Life Is A Mistake

During student life there are two types of people: those who are in relationships and those who are not. Well, that applies to life in general, but it’s during the 3 years…
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Student Debt Is Higher Than Ever

Did you know that the average debt you’re about to rack up as a student is fast approaching £50,000? At such a young age, putting a number as large and unattainable …
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Best Ways To Spend Your Time Off University This Summer.

With the summer fast approaching, your thoughts will undoubtedly have begun to stray towards the endless possibilities that those long months can offer. Holidays, part-time jobs…
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